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Incomparable decades of experience and mastery allow us to deliver exceptional results using the most efficient processes, protecting your budget and your investment. Our unparalleled workmanship ensures you receive the highest quality result. We own all of our equipment and vehicles, ensuring we will always have what we need to deliver on time.  

Commercial & Industrial Exteriors

Red barn and other small buildings painted by Muscat Co.
community pool

Community Pools

Pool painting which may include; acid washing, sandblasting, epoxy patch, plural component pool coatings. Striping, lettering and lane markings. Target and any Art Appliques.

Garage Floor Coating

Sandblast, epoxy patch, quartz overlay (multi-color), Epoxy Coatings, Polyaspartic, Multi Color Chip Broadcast and Non Slip Additive

Light blue, shiny commercial epoxy garage floor by Muscat Painting
Before & After of a street pole that has been sandblasted and cleaned by Muscat Painting

Hydrants, Poles & Pipes

 Every refinishing job we do begins with sandblasting, applicable primer coats, and finishing coat(s). All services incorporate the appropriate product warranties. 

Our Difference

Having worked on many public type projects, near or on highways, we have added our own in-house maintenance of traffic / Temporary Traffic Control services. This allows for rapid mobilization, set up, and breakdown of TTC/MOT providing for a safe and efficient work site.

Our Promise to You

We deliver the best service due to our team's hard work and pride in our company. Your costs are kept low as a result of the top notch equipment we use to get the job done in a quality, expedited fashion. 

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