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Family | Company Timeline

Our family business began back in 1938 with Florence & Herman Muscat.They used good business sense, hard work, and community involvement to establish their expertise and good name. Eighty-five years later, we’re still providing excellent service to communities all over the continental US. Today the business, run by Regina and Brett Muscat, is headquartered in Illinois and has been expanding to provide Public Works Departments the best of substrate and coating protections. 

Over the years, we have expanded and grown, keeping our business current in order to prepare for the next generation. You can rest assured that we are always staying on top of the industry's best practices and highest standards. 

Decades of Experience

Family History | Company Timeline

newspaper article of the first generation of Muscat Painting

First Generation

1959- Son Gary officially joins parents Florence & Herman after years of painting with Herman after school and on Saturdays.

1964- Herman & Florence open Muscat's Color Center. Florence managed the interior design offered to local families and was responsible for the store's growth and success.

newspaper article of Muscat Painting & Decorating

Gary & Lorna Muscat expand into the airless spray painting market, having one of the first truck-mounted mobile spray units in the country, allowing fast and efficient quality painting of many high rises in the Chicago land area. 

Gary & Lorna open Muscat Paint 'n' Paper, aiming to be the "Question & Answer" store for local residents.

current picture of Muscat Painting owners, Brett and Regina Muscat with their son, Trent

Third Generation

1938 - Florence & Herman begin their painting business, serving residential homes in their community.

newspaper article about the Muscat family

1969 - Muscat's Mobile Spray company established, serving local residential apartments and high-rises.

newspaper article for second generation of Muscat painting

Second Generation

1989 - Brett and Regina continue the family business together, focusing mainly on interior finishes for new stores in shopping malls and fast food restaurants. 

Late '90's and 2000's -  they turn the focus to custom new home construction.

2010's -  As residential home building changed, Brett and Regina ventured into working for municipalities and governmental bodies. They have expanded their fleet to accommodate sandblasting, surface preparation and high end coatings on fire hydrants, street and light poles, traffic signal mast arms and stress poles, bridge coatings, garage floor coatings, fire houses, swimming pools, public works, and municipal buildings.  

Today -  Their son, Trent, has joined the team as a foreman.

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