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Muscat Co.

Providing Expert, Professional Painting Services Since 1938.

Municipal Government building painted by Muscat Painting

Serving communities across the U.S.

Muscat Co- a family-owned, family-run business - proudly provides Public Works Departments the best substrate protection and coating protections. We provide excellent service to Communities, Municipalities, Park Districts, Public Works, and Government offices within the continental US. 

With professional painting services.




Areas of Service

Our services span everything from exterior government buildings, park district structures, community swimming pools, fire hydrants, street lights, poles, and pipes.

exterior picture of a commercial lodge painting detail

Commercial/Industrial Exteriors

Light blue, shiny commercial epoxy garage floor by Muscat Painting

Garage Floor Coating

Pool stairs with dolphin & fish decor painted by Muscat Painting

Community Pools

Muscat Painting worker painting a light pole using a lift truck

Hydrants, Light Poles, Pipes

Trusted Experience

Over the years, we have expanded and grown, keeping our business current in order to prepare for the next generation. You can rest assured that we are always staying on top of the industry's best practices and highest standards.

Museum Exterior
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