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"Where quality never goes out of style
since 1938    AZ ROC License # 317686      EPA NAT-F107738-2

Color brings your world to life.

We can complete a myriad of specialized coatings for all types of substrates; catalyzed epoxies, urethanes, multi-spec, zolatone, Venetian plaster, rymar, all of tnemec products, or any coating that you may specify.  From Municipalities, Homeowners, Schools, Forest Preserve Districts,  Commercial and Industrial to all types of jobs in between.    From fire hydrant blasting and painting, ground storage tanks, water treatment reservoirs,  building maintenance,  traffic and street light pole painting,  indoor baseball fields, indoor tennis courts, reservoir sealing systems,  industrial buildings, pipe and tank structures at water facilities, tank and structural steel, residential housing, dry ice blasting, or multi family.  We have all the necessary equipment to complete the job as required, and the commitment to finish your project on time.  Bonded to your specific type of Bond; Completion, Payment and or Performance Bond or all three.  Fully insured and also hold an Umbrella policy for liability up to your requirements.  We have our own in house traffic control where work is performed on streets, highways, or interstates.  If you would like to schedule an appointment or meet for an estimate click on the "contact us "  page or calling 888-724-6811 (888-PAINT-11) to schedule the work or obtain a free estimate.  
Save time; email us your project pictures, and we can email back our estimate and schedule to you.  Thank you for visiting!!
                AZ ROC License #317686                                     Certification # NAT-F107738-2
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